Audio Recording

We provide all kinds of audio recording services like Vocal Recording, Instrument Recording, Audiobook Recording, Podcast Recording, Voiceover Recording, etc. at a very nominal price of Rs. 400 an hour.

Mixing & Mastering

We also provide best in town audio editing, mixing & mastering services. If you are looking for industry quality sound, you have come to the right place. Mixing & mastering services are charged at Rs.800 an hour.

Video Production

We also deal in HD music video production, youtube & vimeo video production. Our creative team can give your videos the direction that it needs to reach it's potential audiences.

Artist Promotion

We can help you promote your content through our strong social networking skills & channels to make sure your content reaches the right audience at the right time.


6FU recording studio is a dedicated rap recording studio in Gurgaon and cater to underground rappers in Delhi, NCR area. This cozy little studio is a combined mixing & mastering room with a modern in-room vocal booth. We use imported high-end equipment and plugins to record, mix and master your rap tracks. Our studio is built in a way to provide rap artists a comfortable and cozy environment so they can get into their creative zones and create amazing rap and hip hop music. The whole team at 6FU recording studio are rap fanatics who talk, discuss, live & breathe hip hop. Plus we are the first dedicated rap recording studio in the town to provide writing session services to independent artists at a very affordable price.

Studio Equipment

  • Audio Interface: Roland Quad Capture
  • Studio Monitors: KRK Rokit 8s
  • Headphones: KRK KNS 6400
  • Microphones: SE Electronics, Neumann TLM102, Shure SM58
  • Software DAW: Pro tools, FL Studio, Logic Pro
  • Plugins, Waves, Slate Digital, Brainworx & more

Studio Pricing


₹ 200
Bring in your beats / instrumentals. Play them in the studio, sit down, get creative and write your lyrics in a comfortable environment of a recording studio.
hourly charges


₹ 700
Record your vocals or instruments at a very affordable price and with imported high-end equipment for great quality and a professional sounding recording.
hourly charges

Mix & Master

₹ 5000
Our sound engineers will give you an industry quality and radio ready professional mix and master using pro equipment & plugins.
hourly charges

Beats & Production

₹ 3600+
We'll provide you international quality rap, hip hop beat and production services for your track. Custom beats available.
hourly charges


Rap Recording Studio


Working Hours

Mon - Fri. 11 am - 5 am



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